During this time please contact teachers directly for information on virtual and in person classes and events. 


Mollie Elizabeth Wood

Mollie is a KRI - certified instructor who has been teaching since 2005. Trained in Anandpur Sahib, India, Mollie focuseson supporting students who are developing a Kundalini Yoga practice at home. While there is no substitute for group practice, many people find themselves wanting to understand the components that go into a Kundalini Yoga practice, learn the framework for their own sessions, and keep in touch with other students outside the studio. Whether you are an advanced student or a beginner, if you have the dedication, we can tailor a practice that will fit your life in the most exquisite way.


Karn Junkinsmith (Puran Saraswati)

Karn comes to Kundalini Yoga from a choreographic, contemporary dance history with a MA in Physical Education & Dance, extensive ballet training and experimental film making. She is a certified KRI Kundalini Instructor. Karn is also in recovery and has personally experienced the powerful healing aspects of Kundalini Yoga. She is deeply grateful to share the expansive breath work, classic kriyas, deep para sympathetic relaxation with gong and beautiful mantra meditations that Kundalini Yoga offers.

Siri Om.jpg

Siri Om

Siri Om is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with others and deeply appreciates the beautiful two-way flow of energy that is both received and given, when teaching. She has completed advanced levels of training with the "Amrit Nam Sarovar" School of Kundalini Yoga in Europe, and has been teaching since 2001. She has taught kids of all ages, adults with learning difficulties and mental health challenges, teens in homeless shelters and was also involved in a Jail Yoga program in Aspen, CO. She sees yoga as a powerful tool to help individuals from all walks of life, deeply nourish their health, and ignite Greatness and sense of self-worth in the world. Siri Om is also a qualified Art Therapy Counselor, and finds these to be powerful healing modalities especially when combined with the beautiful technology of Kundalini Yoga. Siri Om is available for private consultations in Soul Mastery Coaching and Tantric Numerology Readings.


Sewa Singh

Sewa Singh has been teaching Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for 47 years. He has been providing counseling to couples and individuals based on Kundalini and Tantric yogic technology for 40 years. He holds a MFA from University of WA and has taught at Eastern Washington University, Western Washington University and University of Washington.


Guru Singh

Guru Singh is a third generation yogi and teacher of Humanology and Kundalini Yogic Experience. He is a musician, composer, author, and a Minister of Sikh Dharma with a Doctorate of Divinity. Most important - to him - he is a family man, and a human being. As a chairman of the International Council of Sikh Minister, Guru Singh has worked with spiritual and religious leaders of nearly every faith to connect diverse communities around the world. 


Marilyn Smith

Come to Marilyn's classes and expect no dogma. Only you, your body and mastery of your mind. Learn how to be in, and use your body as it was designed to be used. The body and its infinite intelligence will teach you how to be in the present moment, the NOW which is filled with magic, peace, and answers to your questions. Nothing outside of yourself. Only you..

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Sat Deva

At age 24 Sat Deva travelled across the country and discovered Eastern spirituality. She began doing Bhakti Yoga (devotional singing) and practicing Tibetan Buddhism. She found Kundalini Yoga in 2000 in Austin, TX, and completed Level 1 TT in 2005 at YogaYoga. She trained as a Microbiotic Chef, and has catered yoga retreats. She often attends 3HO Women's Camp in the mountains of New Mexico to dive deep into the experience of yogic living. She is learning to play the harmonium and lead chants and she works as a chef and kitchen manager.

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Matthew Dauble

Matthew Dauble aka Hasaevak, Seattle KRI graduate, class 2013.

Experience your creative potential. Explore breath, movement, posture, focus, and meditation practices inspired through the lineage of Kundalini Yoga.


Kristin Edie

Kristin came to Kundalini Yoga following a path of alternative and energetic forms of body work, including Hatha Yoga, Reiki and the Iwi'ula style Lomi Lomi. Her experience from the practice allow her to play an active and direct role in awakening and transforming her body and being. Kundalini Yoga has shown her portals and openings to deepen her relationship within and with others. 


Michael Dowd

Michael came to Kundalini Yoga in 2013 and realized at once the vital, healing energy that can be accessed and used in awakening the body, brain and spirit. He brings compassionate and enlivening energy into each class. Intuitively combining kriya, prana, meditation and gong, that is dynamic and relevant; you will have an experience that will gently challenge you to grow your capacity and support you in your discovery process.


Shamsher Kaur

Sat Nam, dear ones. The bio picture is from our most recent Kundalini Yoga/Kayak trip in Mexico. With a M.S. in Marine Biology, 34 years of Yoga experience & KRI certification, I LOVE to take the sweetness and power of our Kundalini Yoga practice to Nature...and just about anywhere else! When it is raining or cold (just kidding!), you will also find me teaching yoga on a full-time basis in Tacoma, Gig Harbor and Port Orchard.


Aboutourabe Rabei Eljamal (Bhagatjot Singh)

As a teen bodybuilder and competitive weight lifter, Bhagatjot Singh was far removed from the world of yoga until a debilitating back injury directed him journey towards this path. Up until that point, he was a skeptic and thought yoga was only for the old. No form of medicine or therapy gave him any lasting relief from his severe back pain. As the last resort, he reluctantly opened the door to Kundalini Yoga, and from that moment on has become a devoted yogi. 

Bhagatjot Singh teaches in Washington State to students of all ages and all levels. He strives for each class to be uplifting, challenging, and healing at a very deep level. As a yoga instructor he is honored to share his story of perseverance, inner strength and conviction that led him to discovery and liberation. He believes it is everyone's birthright to experience the peace, grace and blessings that awaken with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

Sat Hari Kaur.jpg

Sar Hari Kaur

SatHari Kaur (aka Swaaha Devi) has a very inspirational and impactful approach.  She emphasizes coming to a place of True Being.  We all have the capacity to live as self-initiated, self-sovereign, self-transformative beings and this happens thru releasing blocks, clearing old thought patterns and conditioning.  She does this by connecting students and clients to ancient and modern technologies in Lifestyle, Kundalini yoga, astrology and a synthesis of design mechanics.  The Ultimate Goal is to Awaken to yourself, your Unique being, Your Truth. 

SatHari Kaur is an KRI Professional Trainer, E-RYT 500 teacher, YACEP, and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher.  She offers trainings, workshops, and one on one mentoring Available virtually and hybrid (a combination of in-person and virtual).


Kenneth Perry

Kundalini Yoga brings wisdom and ancient spiritual technology to modern life. It keeps the human experience whole, blending objective and subjective truths into a framework for personal growth and mastery. Through motion, mantra and meditation, the kriyas will guide you to targeted benefits. Classes are unique and fun, leaving you refreshed, recharged, and relaxed. Experience for yourself how the kriyas and meditations will improve your health and expand your presence.


Susan Kanzler

Susan Kanzler is a registered Kundalini (KRI Level 1) and Hatha (RYT 200) yoga instructor. Susan finds practicing Kundalini Yoga and an Ayurvedic lifestyle helps her better manage stress and feel more joyful, graceful and energetic. Susan is eager to share Kundalini Yoga with the larger community, so others may experience similar benefits. She believes everyone can reach their creative potential and find inner peace through pranayama, meditation, and yoga. Susan teaches Kundalini Yoga in Olympia, WA